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 Post subject: A binding sip
PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 2:43 am  
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"Are you sure you want to find out more about it? It may be unwise to chase old stories like this one, could be dangerous, or just a waste of your time."
"Maybe, but that is not my main concern at the moment. Was she one of us?"
In response, a short haired man wearing a crimson robe, lifted a golden goblet and sneered. "She may have been, but as you saw there is only an old tale left about her. We cannot be sure." He sipped from the cup.
They were sitting at a long table, with golden plates, chalices and cutlery arranged for a banquet. One with short blond hair, wearing a dark red robe, and the other wth long cherry hair, wearing dark pants and boots with a black fabric jacket over a white shirt. They had something in common, their whitened and almost emotionless faces, illumined by the candelabrums on the table.
"The reason why some of us think she was" added the one in crimson, putting down his goblet on the table "Is because of what she did, and how. Surrounding herself with so many devotees, in a very short amount of time, looks like something we can do." He smiled, staring into his interlocutor's eyes. "You can do it, am I right?"
"It is not the same thing." replied the other, his right hand running through his red hair. "Yes, some of us can, but then she did something with those people that destroyed her. The tale says of how quickly people started to speak about her cult, and in no time they took and killed her. And nothing about that part of the story makes me think she was a vampire, it says they simply put her down."
"There are many reasons why someone of our kind could do such a thing, simply the impossibility to control his or her hunger, could be enough. Does it remind you of someone?" said the short haired one, with an amused smile on his otherwise phlegmatic face, and he again reached for his cup.
The man with long hair briefly sighed, with his lips contorting into an annoyed grimace. "What about the chalice then, do you know something about it?" he added.
"Oh, now I understand. I should have known you were interested in that, still looking for the knowledge of the ancients I suppose." answered the other man, pensively gazing at the dark red liquid inside his wine glass.
"Some say it was the source of her power, that some demonic influence was involved but, if she was one of the accursed she probably had no need for something like that." the one in crimson said, in a sigh. "But I never saw the object, and I don't know anyone who ever did. If you are really interested in that, probably it is still somwhere in the lands of the Empire, where she started her cult."
The red haired smiled, and took another golden cup, in front of him. "There is someone, that is already taking care of it for me."

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 Post subject: Re: A binding sip
PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:21 am  
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The creaky sound of the cellar door, quickly opened and closed, broke the silence filling the manor's basement.
A young woman came down the stairs, leading to the upper floor, and approached a man in the south east corner of the room. He was probably around six feet tall, wearing a white shirt and a dark doublet, with black slacks and boots. He moved away from his face a lock of cherry hair, intensely contrasting with his pale features, while reading several scrolls scattered on a desk.
"Please, sit. I'm eager to know everything you discovered." he suddenly said, his voice deep and raspy, but revealing a higher timbre with some of the spoken words.
The young woman took seat on the other side of the desk, while followed by the dark eyes of the man in front of her.
"My Lord I think we found what you were looking for." the woman said, with a faint smile. "I looked for informations inside the libraries, of almost all the towns and villages in Calormen, and actually found some passages probably referring to the tale of Nula. Then me and Miri saw where the burial grounds are, even if most of the cities don't have one, and I must say I'm glad you sent her with me." The young woman eyed the man, with a glimpse of uneasiness in her eyes. He was silently listening, leaning with his back against the stone wall, with crossed arms.
"The only proper graveyard was in New Tashbaan, and it is currently occupied by many unliving creatures. We and Miri saw that the chapel, is occupied by two or more liches, and we think they raised the others in order to scare whoever may be interested in that place." she paused for a moment, inhaling, and thoughtfully looking at the desk.
"We also met the woman you sent to help us, and she did. We managed to avoid an ambush of humanoids like orcs, and trolls, thanks to Miri and Eleanor.
After we reached the town of Al Andrisat, we travelled east and found some caves following the mountain range. In one of them we found the remainings of an encampment, a caravan with blood all over inside it and a cage with some chained skeletons; Miri and Eleanor think they may have been tortured by someone, before they were killed. I can't say for sure if that was somewhat related to what we were looking for but, I suppose that could be possible if other people are sharing your interest for this tale." She looked at him, awaiting for his response.
The man nodded, and faintly smiled. "You did very well, and I'm sorry if the situation was more dangerous than I anticipated. Anyway I was sure that the people I sent with you, were more than capable to keep you safe. Now please, take some rest and don't worry, you did well and I now have the informations I need."
She nodded, glancing around with a doubtful expression, then left her seat. "I will be in my room if you need me." she added, before leaving the basement.
 Post subject: Re: A binding sip
PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:36 am  
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A young man with dark hair, fine features and a lovely smile, wearing a light colored shirt and brown leather pants. He was sitting at a desk observing the man in front of him, a red haired individual pointing at a silver chalice placed on the table.
"Drink from it." he said, and the lad grabbed the cup and lifted it closer to his lips, without breaking eye contact.
The chalice was now again on the desk, empty, and the young individual still staring in front of him. After a moment his face changed, his lips contorting and his stare savage. He sprang forward, reaching for the red haired one, shouting.
The back of the young man violently bumped against the stone wall behind him, and he yelled in pain. The one he tried to assault, was now holding him by the neck, lifting him above the gorund effortlessly.
"If he can command you, it means he can communicate with you." the red haired said, while the other was struggling to free himself.
Again he smashed the back of the young man against the wall. "Use this man, and answer my questions. Who are you?" he hissed.
Suddenly the lifted man stopped fighting, and looked at the one pinning him against the wall with terrorized eyes. "He says..." he glanced around, then back at the other "He says he has many names, most of them lost in time."
"What about the chalice?"
"That is not his doing." said the young man, pausing for a moment and looking around, his body shaking in fear.
"They summoned him and, when he was defeated, they chained what remained of his essence to the chalice."
"Who did that?"
"The summoners of demons, with the ice tribe."
"Those who did it are probably dead by now." the man with red hair lowered his pensive gaze, and put down the other, still grasping his neck.
"He says they passed down the knowledge, they know everything about it. And you will find much more in their cave, all they know about demons and how to control them."
"I know why you are helping me, you want revenge. That is something I can give you, because I know I will have to kill them if I go there."
"He says yes, he lost everything because of them, and now is forced to act through those who drink from the cup like I did." the young man said looking at the one holding him, and raised an eyebrow. "Why? Why is this happening to me? What am I goi..." with a sharp sound he stopped speaking, and fell limply on the ground, his neck broken.
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