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 Post subject: The Arcane University
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*A missive can be read on the Boards next to Narrowhaven's town centre.*

Greetings, students of the Arcane Arts and adepts of mystical ways..

Starting next week, enrollment to the Arcane University of Narrowhaven are being open!
Be sure to visit the university and enroll in our freshmen program.

Classes are to be held twice every week, regarding the studies of Magery, Wizardy, Spellweaving, Necromancy, Imbuing and Alchemy. If you are adept on the arts arcane, and wish to join the Academy, please enroll or leave a message in the boards of the entrance hall of the University.

Our courses for the freshman year include magery basics and the study of power words, reagent properties and practical field lessons. If you wish to join the university, please contact headmaster Arkanum or any member of the staff. The inscription fee is free this week, and will cost 120 gold for the following week.

Books and materials are included for the lessons. If you wish to learn more, please visit estearn outskirts of narrowhaven. All are welcome to join us in the grand reopening. On the 10th of May we will be having a gathering to welcome new prospects and to explain our objectives towards the studies of all things arcane.

- Assistant Headmaster Arkanum.

*The message ends with an official seal of the University and a little hand drawn map to the University*
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