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 Post subject: Vampire mechanics
PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:35 pm  
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I know that there's not intention to create a racial system, with specific mechanics or racial abilities, but I would like to share my ideas anyway.
The main concept is that a vampire depends on blood, and with it he can survive and use his powers. There are several mechanics already present in game, that can be used to mimic this with a more direct approach.
A base command, available only for the race of course, that gives the possibility to a vampire to obtain blood vials from corpses (something like [blooddrink for example). Those vials will be consumable objects, only for vampires, and they will be the only way a vampire can heal; for a vampire should be removed the possibility to heal with bandages or potions, or magic. A vampire will need blood to heal, and to get blood he needs to kill creatures (animals, mobs, npcs, ecc ecc) and this vials should fill their hunger and thirsty levels too; a vampire doesn't eat food, or drink water and such.
Like foods, those vials should give a bonus to the vampire attributes (the blood gives a vampire his powers) but a more consistent one, something like 20 points for something like two minutes (and of course not a stackable effect, since the vials are consumed also for healing purposes). The bonus is to offset the fact that the race will have not other means to heal, and if they want to be stronger they have to continually consume blood (during a fight at least). This way the vampire will have to kill creatures to have the blood, for healing, for being able to use his full power, and to satiate his hunger/thirsty level; and of course that is not something that a vampire can hide, if he bites a corpse to obtain vials there will be an emote, explaining what he is doing.
Eventually, to justify even more the bouns given by the consumption of blood, the vampire can have a malus to his stats when in sunlight.

Again, those are just some ideas and probably they cannot be implemented at the moment. I just wanted to share them and, who knows, maybe for a future racial system implementation they could be taken into consideration.

Bye all.
 Post subject: Re: Vampire mechanics
PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:49 am  
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while a nice idea, I think it is overcomplicated and vampires are not a race

Vampirism is a condition, one that is inflicted on you and that is pretty much good manifested with a constant vampiric embrace spell.

Vamp embrace lasts till death or server reset, so no worries on having to recast it, and gives:

good lifeleech, poison immunity up to lvl 4 poison and stamina regen
allergy to garlic and garlic using spells (you will take damage when somone tries to use a spell that uses garlic on you)
greatly lowered fire resistance.

all you need to be a vampire is GM necromancy and a background story how ye got turned into one
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