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 Post subject: The Wolves of Calormen Mercenary Company
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The Wolves of Calormen Mercenary Company [WoC] is run out of the Wolves Den tavern in Varstaad.

Besides normal Mercenary services we also provide trainin' services in most martial skills. See Clarkson or Artermas for rates.

When jobs are slim we run our own jobs to keep the gold comin' in.

Anyone can apply to join the Company, regardless of race, sex or any a that other shite. If ye don't have much experience yer still wlecome to join, but we'll expect ye to work yer arse off to make yerself useful.

If ye want to make some gold but you don't want to officially join our ranks we do allow Freelancers to tag along for most jobs. Freelancers do have to pay a 500 gold fee per job though. That entitles them to one share of the spoils for that job. We split the loot by however many people went on the job plus one a share for the Company.

Why do we charge a 500 gold fee? If yer completely useless in a fight at least we'll have made 500 gold for our time.

If yer interested come find us in Varstaad.


(OOC: There will always be talk of gold with the Wolves but it is for roleplay purposes, the amounts are usually fairly low.)

Mercenary Company Rules: The Wolves of Calormen [WoC] ,referred to as the Company going forward.

Based out of Varstaad, at the tavern known as The Wolves Den.

You must provide a biography for your character (On WoC's Discord channel or UORP's forums).

You must be In-Character at all times. (brief use of guild chat ooc is fine to see what is going on and where people are but please form a party if you want to chat ooc
more then that.)

Each player should have a tent in their inventory (bank), as some rp events may require one on short notice.

All loot is split equally, the Company gets one share for the coffers.

Any build is ok, keeping in mind it is for role-playing a member of a Mercenary Company.

Any gear is ok, keeping in mind it is for role-playing a member of a Mercenary Company.

Fees, at the beginning of each month a 1k fee is due from each "active" member of the Company. (The Company will nickle and dime you any way it can!)

Boss Hunts: Whoever supplies the key(s) gets the chest. They can keep or share the loot as they see fit. If a Artifact falls in your bag it is yours. If you want to trade or sell it that is up to you but please wait until the hunt is over to make trades. Regular loot from the hunt gets split equally, the Company gets one share for the coffers.

Boss Chests: If you can't pick the lock yourself you may have to pay someone to do it for you.

T-maps & mib's: If the Company aranges the treasure hunt then the loot will be split the normal way.
If a member arranges the hunt they must pay the participants (scales to the t-maps lvl's, i.e lvl one maps might be something like 25-50 gold per person).

Mounts: Who cares, use what you like.

Pets, Summons, Barding, etc....use what you like but keep in mind the idea is to play together. If you want play in solo/god mode this might not be the guild for you.

Uniforms: You may wear what you like, if it is felt that your gear does not fit the guild you will be talked to directly by one of the Guild's officers. Each member should add a brief description to their char's in-game profile stating that they wear a sigil, badge, etc of a wolve's head seen in profile (WoC's discord symbol is a good example), to show membership in The Company.

RP-PVP, There will be a small amount of role-play violence within the guild. Please understand this before joining. Having said that, You may not kill (Perma-kill) another member of the Company. Training costs gold and the Company hates wasting gold! Disputes may be worked out in many ways including duels, but not to the death. If you can't fight or fear you can't win a fight pay someone to fight in your place.

The mechanics of the game are the rules for the world our characters live in. If you don't have the skill to back up your role-play don't expect people to play along.
i.e. if you can't fight your way out of a wet paper bag don't rp like you are the second coming of Ghengis Khan.

Any Race and Alignment may join the Company. That does not mean every member of the Company will like one another. A drow might join and not receive a warm
welcome, but other members of the Company should defend one another against ALL outsiders! (Having said any race and alignment is welcome please take the time
to seriously consider if your character would be willing to be a mercenary and if they would be a good fit for a Mercenary Company.)

You can play an edgy character ( please do!), but don't be a dick! The Company leadership will weed out undesirables, Promptly!

Have nights turned on, if you want to see in the dark use pots, or try and find gear that has night sight on it. (There is a quest in Cove that gives a helmet with night sight).

Turn off your auto looters on Company hunts please.
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