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 Post subject: The Journeys never end
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:32 am  
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A missive from the Great Council was brought by a 13 years old to Captain Avogadro.

"so young" thought Uroboro thinking of how many men Britannia lost in the latest dark times.

He opened the message after giving some cinnamon candies to the boy.

"The mayors decided to give you an important task. Gather as many men as you can and bring us the information we need to organize our next moves (...)".

A note was appointed on all the town banks:

"Come forward brave men! If hunger for glory or for wealth is what thou seek, the Great Council is willing to pay thee a generous sum of money for your endeavors! The Captain of the Trin's Militia will guide you in an expedition to help our kingdom to rejoyce. Meet Captain Avogadro at the Trinsic Meeting Hall and help the kingdom to help yourself."
 Post subject: Re: The Journeys never end
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:36 pm  
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Joined: Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:10 am
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Only one man who covered his face under an hood came to the meeting hall. "Honour is a virtue which many men do not follow these days" thought Uroboro.

The task that the Great Council assigned to the Captain of the Trin's Militia could not be fulfilled shortly. But the mysterious hooded man gave Uroboro a great clue for his journey. A terrible, but at the same time potentially good for the kingdom, truth the Council must face:

REPORT to the Great Council

Uroboro: "They are amongst us! Despite their ruthless nature they did not harm anyone in the kingdom of Britannia. Please, Mayors of Britannia, trust my knowledge. The darkness where we relegated them is not a safe place for them anymore, as like us they repel slavery. A stronghold of male drows are fighting against Lloth and her mischievous acts. In our current situation, we may be in great advantage if we could gain their support. Our cause is common, they are to be helped in order to bring forth an attack to the caves and thus eliminating a menace for the kingdom. The only thing they ask is to be able to live in the surface."

Sindar (Mayor of Trinsic): "What do they pretend after slaying entire Britannian families in the past?! Bringing Chaos to this kingdom and almost annhilating our kind? Males or Female their nature is inscribed in their soul, and from their skin that is visible: they belong to the darkness."

Uroboro: "Mayor, excuse my impertinence, art thou fighting for the past or for the future of this kingdom?
I realize episodes of discrimination and racism will arise, but sacrifice has to be done to have chances against the dangers we all are going to face. Serpent's Hold is a ghost town, Trinsic has lost many of their paladins. Do not forget that Captain Sante has elven origins, -Interrupted by Sindar-

Sindar: "Elvens and Drows are different. They may have the same origins, still their nature is deeply different. I will not tolerate your insistence. What have the other mayors to say about this matter?"

Felespar (Mayor of Yew): "The consequences on the pheasants would be terrible. I suggest to create a reserve, a place where they can live on the surface and provide them with the basic needs for their lives. We arrested near Yew a rogue who is clearly not human. His name is Lupo Brancaccio. We were suspecting drows were roaming through our lands, and Captain Avogadro gave us confirmation of this suspect. I propose to create a village and help them with their daily needs."

Sindar: "Wise words Felespar said. I accept this proposal."

Malifora, representing Moonglow votes YES.
Annon, representing Britain votes YES.
Goeth, representing Jhelom votes YES.
Felespar, representing Yew votes YES.
Fiona, representing Minoc votes YES.
Sindar, representing Trinsic votes YES.
Hassad, representing Skara Brae votes YES.
Windemere, representing New Magincia votes YES.

Sindar: "So it shall be."

Uroboro Avogadro leaves the meeting hall.
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